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These pages, devoted to the Macintosh user who wishes to learn how to use or troubleshoot Mac Word, are but a small section of a much larger site containing perhaps the most extensive repository of tips and techniques for Microsoft Word on the web. Keep in mind that Word is Word, so although the articles you’ll find by clicking on Word Home above were written about Word for Windows, they apply equally to Mac Word in most cases.

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New Articles

Rich Michaels and John McGhie have produced a new article describing (and containing) a macro to set all those pesky Word settings.

Hot Issues

Mac Word 2016 is out, and it has a few teething problems (all software does)...

Asterisks Bug:  This one is nasty.  Click here for work-arounds.

Font Weeding.  If the application hangs and freezes a lot, particularly at startup, see here.

Can't Open Files:  This can be because of non-letter characters in the file name or path.  See here.

Can't Save to Server:  Sorry: this one is still with us.  Microsoft thought they had fixed it, but it's back.  There's a Severity 1 incident open on it.

Word won't open documents the way I left them.  It will now!