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Welcome to the home page of the Word for PC section of the Word MVP site.  Nice to have you with us!

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Book Reviews:  Bill Coan reviews "Using Microsoft Office to Create Content That Gets Noticed"  Please click here to see all the latest book reviews.

Customise the Ribbon:  What we have wanted to do since Word 2007 appeared -- get the rubbish off the ribbon. 
    The basic tools and techniques, by Bill Coan
    More advanced surgery: Greg Maxey's "do-it-yourself" guide to getting the Ribbon You Want.

Please understand that this entire site is a work that is constantly in progress, and if you read below you will see that it is done entirely by volunteers using whatever time we have available in between going to work and having a life.  To give feedback about this website, please click here. To post questions about Word see Posting to Newsgroups, below.

This website collects the best of our knowledge on Microsoft Word. Most of the content on this site has been supplied by Microsoft Word MVPs. However, some was contributed by others: members of the public.  We very much appreciate, and strongly encourage, your contribution here.

Just a word about MVPs:  We're volunteers.  We do not work for Microsoft!  We want to make that point up front, because many of us have received angry emails blaming us for perceived Microsoft shortcomings.  This site, the time it takes to create and maintain it, the hardware it runs on, and the bandwidth it consumes, are all a voluntary contribution from private individuals who just happen to love pushing Word to its limits.  However we have no greater influence than you do on the Microsoft Corporation.  So please allow us gently to suggest that if you have a message for Microsoft, click here for the Microsoft Suggestion Site.

The articles on this site are at various levels of difficulty: some are designed for people just getting started; some are more appropriate to application solution developers.  If you are having difficulty utilizing an article, we'd love to help you with it: click here to ask your question.

Word versions
Unless otherwise stated all articles apply equally from Word 2000 to Word 2004 (but not to Word 2007 and later) on both PC and Mac. Earlier versions of Word, although adequate for many people's needs, are no longer widely used; so it would not be an effective use of our time to cover them specifically.

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Find out what the MVP Program is, who the Word MVPs are and even what some of us look like!

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